Forensic Psychological Consulting

Providing forensic evaluations in criminal, civil, juvenile and family law cases.

Mindy B. Mechanic, Ph.D.

Dr. Mindy Mechanic is a trauma-focused clinical and forensic psychologist, and Professor Emeritus (California State University-Fullerton), licensed to practice psychology in California and Minnesota, whose expert evaluations, consultation, and testimony is rigorously grounded in social science and biomedical empirical research.

Dr. Mechanic is available for expert consultation, trial consultation and expert testimony in any trauma-related case – civil, civilian-criminal, or military courts-martial, involving victims, defendants, or witnesses to a traumatic events or violent crimes. She is also available to provide education and training on any victimization or trauma-related topics, including counterintuitive victim behavior, psychological responses to trauma, and the use of expert consultation in cases involving battered women charged with crimes.

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Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Mechanic conducts trauma-focused forensic evaluations in criminal and civil cases in which alleged trauma is at issue.

Expert Testimony

Dr. Mechanic provides two types of expert testimony: (1) Educational (non-clinical) and (2) Forensic.

Education & Media

Dr. Mechanic provides professional training and media interviews on a variety of topics within her field of expertise.

Forensic Expertise

  • Interpersonal Victimization
  • Impact of Non-Crime Trauma
  • Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Violence
  • Sexual Assault

  • Child Maltreatment

  • Intimate Partner Abuse

  • Stalking

  • Infanticide

  • Memory Impairment

  • Family & Juvenile Courts

  • Criminal & Civil Courts

Selected Publications